Spirits of 76 - Barhopping 76 Bars

On Wednesday, August 9, 2006, my friend Brandon and I (Scott) headed north from Kansas City and started barhopping on a journey that would end up taking us to 76 bars over 5 days. We didn't set out to do any particular number, 76 is just where we naturally wound up.

(Ken was invited as well but chose not to go.)

What you are about to read was accomplished by trained experts in boozology who took utmost care in terms of safe and legal behavior. Do not try this at home. We did extensive preparation to determine how to do this safely and at no time did we drive with BACs near or above the legal limit. We ended each of the heaviest drinking days on foot. So sit back, relax, and read on as we do the drinking for you...

Experience our journey chronologically...
  • Day 1 - Rural South-central Iowa
  • Day 2 - Clear Lake & Mason City, Iowa
  • Day 3 - Minneapolis, Minnesota (Midtown, Uptown, Downtown)
  • Day 4 - Minneapolis, Minnesota (Northeast)
  • Day 5 - The Sunday Drive Home

Or, jump directly to a particular bar...

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